Sliding systems

Terrace doors enlarge the space of the rooms and provide them with a great deal of natural light. In addition, they connect the interior of the house with the terrace or garden. The sliding systems we offer are a guarantee of excellent appearance, convenience and trouble-free operation.

Lift-and-slide doors are an ideal option for the development connecting rooms or conservatories to the outside.

Open space

An important element in the design and construction of large glazings is proper insulation. By using high-quality components, we can minimise energy loss and enjoy the beauty of nature whatever the season. Thermally insulated glass, triple-glazed packages, warm frames and warm installation provide huge benefits in terms of reduced heating energy demand and therefore low heating costs, but most importantly, they give the comfort of an open space full of natural light.

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Legend Slide System

This is one of the most modern sliding systems available on the market. Dedicated to the creation of large glazing structures. Characterised by a very slim design inspired by the styling of aluminium systems, the simple, modern line blends in perfectly with the façade blinds. Regardless of the size of the glazing, the Legend Slide system guarantees excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

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The use of warm triple-glazed packages, profiles with an installation depth of 149 mm (frame) and 76 mm (sash) means that the Legend Slide system achieves a very good level of thermal insulation Uw of up to 0.77 W/m²K.

The Legend Slide system allows the creation of robust and stable structures with a width of 4000 mm and a height of 2350 mm. The large glazing area and specialised fittings guarantee easy handling of sashes weighing up to 150 kg.

Lift and slide doors

Lift-and-slide systems make it possible to create huge structures (with a maximum width of 650 cm and a weight of 250 kg) that slide effortlessly. When the handle is turned, the sashes rise above the frame and only then can they be moved – this makes the door extremely resistant to burglary (moving a lowered sash is virtually impossible).

They can also be additionally equipped with an electric drive controlled by remote control, which offers convenience and exceptional comfort.

The lift-and-slide doors we offer, thanks to their warm profile design, are characterised by a very good thermal transmittance coefficient at the level of Uf = 1,3 W/m2K.

A perfect fit

Sliding door system designs can be made as 2-, 3- (one wing is movable) or 4-wing (two wings are movable). The design of the profiles allows the frame to be almost completely recessed into the floor, while aluminium caps protect the threshold and make it easier to pass through the doorway, for example with a wheelchair. Lift-and-slide doors are compatible with all window systems and are perfect for any type of building fitting perfectly into single-family as well as commercial building solutions.

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