The terrace is a special place in every home. 0gród, blikość natury, świeże powietrze i promienie słoneczne zapewniają chwilę wytchnienia, czy wspaniałą atmosferę do spotkań z przyjaciółmi i rodziną.

It is a favourite place to relax, so it is important to make it comfortable.

Technology for comfort

Is it possible to combine all the advantages of using natural wood and omit all its disadvantages in one innovative building material?

It turns out that you can! The wood and PVC composite is proof of this.

Composite decking has the huge advantage over wood that it requires virtually no treatments or maintenance, does not need to be painted (or oiled) and, despite this, is not subject to biological microcorrosion, i.e. it is extremely resistant to weather conditions.

They are therefore an excellent choice for heavily used surfaces that require exceptional durability and are resistant to UV radiation, cracking and swelling.


Terraces for special tasks

We offer our customers the construction of composite terraces in the Twinson system, which, tested in the most difficult conditions, has successfully enjoyed unwavering trust and satisfaction among users.

Systems manufacturer Twinson provides a 25-year warranty on its products and is recognised as an industry leader and one of the most innovative developers of composite technology.


Twinson is also an ecological material, as it is fully recyclable, produced from natural wood waste and specially selected PVC granules. The use of natural wood for the planks gives them a warm wood look and a beautiful natural texture.


Composite decking boards, unlike ordinary wood, will not self-crack, warp or splinter.

This makes the terrace surface a great place to walk barefoot and can also successfully serve as a pool edge (it is fully water and moisture resistant). More importantly, Twinson in this case provides complete safety of use, thanks to its grooved, non-slip surface.

Natural design

Aesthetics in every detail, system solutions for joists, caps or finishes make Twinson terraces exceptionally beautiful and for many decades.

The available solutions in a wide range of colours and different width and surface texture variants offer unlimited possibilities for the arrangement of the terrace and its ideal integration into the architecture of the building and the garden.

The Massive version, i.e. solid planks, is also suitable for the construction of terraces with complex shapes, such as arches.

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