Entrance door

The entrance door is an extremely important part of the house. They add character to the entrance façade, often forming the centrepiece of the arrangement. They are the showcase of the house, one of the first elements that visitors to your home take notice of. Matching the door to the architectural style of the facade is just as important as consistency with the interior furnishings.

Durability and safety

The entrance door is the part of the house that acts as a barrier against uninvited guests. Therefore, when choosing them, we should pay particular attention to the level of security offered by a particular solution. 

The components used, such as the frame design,  the door panel, but also the locking system, are important for security. . In modern construction, a multi-point (at least 3-point) door locking system is standard, which makes it far more difficult to force the door open during a break-in. 

In addition to being able to withstand thousands of opening-closing cycles, the door’s durability also means that it can withstand adverse weather conditions, such as rain, temperature fluctuations or UV rays. Watertightness is key, i.e. the gasket systems used in the doors to ensure that even in the most torrential rain, no water can enter the house.


Exterior view of modern, white house with garage decorated with wood

Energy efficient

The best possible thermal insulation for doors is just as important as for window systems. All the door products we offer are fitted with a warm infill to provide a high level of thermal insulation.

Wooden entrance door to modern white house with paving footpath and backside garden

Innovative in its construction and perfectly designed components such as door profiles and infills ensure good thermal properties, airtightness, durability and an attractive design.

Equally important for the elimination of thermal bridges is the warm installation using specialised tapes and foams and the so-called warm threshold, which effectively prevents the entire structure from freezing.

Design for demanding clients

Consistency and matching of the door to the external walls, or to the rest of the joinery, such as windows, screens or the garage door, is important to maintain the character of the building we want. We offer a full range of colours and door models to fit in perfectly with any architectural style.

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