Blinds and roller shutters

Window blinds have a significant impact on the comfort of the home. Roller shutters, or the increasingly popular façade blinds, provide control over the sunlight in rooms, but importantly also provide a sense of privacy. Properly selected and installed, they can reduce energy losses during the heating season and have a positive impact on the building’s energy balance. In the summer, the role of screens is even greater the more heat we face. Particularly in the case of large glazings located on the south side.

The type and specification of window guards for new buildings is usually written into the architectural design. The available technical solutions also make it possible to install blinds on renovated buildings where windows have already been installed.

Control and automation

Automation and intelligent control are actually an indispensable attribute of modern construction. All the window blinds and shutters we offer can be fitted with electric drives, which can be configured with a smart home management system and weather sensors. We use components from recognised electronics manufacturers such as Somfy and Exalus. You can be sure that we will select the best solution for your needs.

Control the external window blinds with the remote control. Vertically.

Blinds or roller shutters?

If we are thinking of a modern, even modernist design for the façade of our building, façade blinds are the ideal solution to give a unique character. Simple form, lightness and versatility of this product make it a favourite of architects and builders alike. The construction of the façade blinds consists of aluminium profiles and laths available in different widths and embossing.

The laths are varnished with weather-resistant coatings, effectively ensuring their durability for many years. One of the most important advantages of using façade blinds is that the angle of the slats can be adjusted, giving us full control over the amount of light entering the room.

Façade blind

Roller shutters are well-known and proven products that combine high functionality with security, making potential break-ins more difficult. In addition to the obvious shading function, they guarantee privacy after dark and provide an additional barrier in winter to reduce heat loss.

All roller shutter constructions can additionally be fitted with insects screens which provide effective protection against insect invasion in the summer and can be invisible in the winter season – rolled up in the roller shutter box.

Depending on the type of building, lintel and wall construction, different roller shutter solutions can be used: flush-mounted, surface-mounted and overhead shutters.

Flush-mounted roller shutters are invisible on the façade, so they do not interfere with the façade design. The roller shutter box, located in the insulation layer, has access to the inside from the bottom of the box, which enables maintenance work to be carried out from the outside of the building.

Flush-mounted roller shutters

For each building

Surface-mounted roller shutters have the unquestionable advantage that we can install them on an already finished building without having to significantly interfere with the façade.

The roller shutter box is mounted on the lintel and its colour can be matched to the colour of the windows, plaster or other façade design elements. The colour of the slats can also be matched to the colour of the window box or profiles.

Surface-mounted roller shutters

The overhead version of the roller shutter is certainly the most frequently recommended solution due to its non-invasive design in the façade (the roller shutter box is completely invisible) and excellent thermal insulation.

The mounting of this type of roller shutter has to be planned already at the architectural design stage, as it affects the requirements for the lintel and the height of the window openings. The roller shutter box is mounted directly above the window frame and is located under the layer of plaster and insulation, which means that thermal bridges are eliminated. Access to the inside of the box is possible from the centre of the interior.

Overhead roller shutter

Design without limits

Whether you choose façade blinds or roller shutters of any design, you can be sure that our team will help you choose the colour scheme of your window coverings so that they harmonise perfectly with the rest of your home.

Trendy anthracites, noble greys or wood textures? We have them all in our offer.

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