Garage doors

The sectional doors we supply to our customers have been designed on the basis of state-of-the-art technological solutions from recognised brands such as Krispol and Wiśniowski.

The comfort and ease of use and, above all, the reliability and durability of all mechanical and electrical components used make it an indispensable piece of home equipment.

Functional solution

Sectional garage doors have many undeniable advantages, which are appreciated during their use. 

One of these is the organisation of space. The armouring of the sectional door retracts directly under the ceiling when opened, so that the door does not take up any space in or in front of the garage. 

The sectional door can be installed in practically any opening, also as a side construction, which proves its worth  when it is not technically possible to mount it to the garage ceiling. 

The structures of the doors we offer are designed to meet all the requirements for energy-efficient and passive buildings. Durable, flexible sealing between the panels and the filling of the panels with special polyurethane foam ensures that the garage is not subjected to heat loss and becomes a warm and comfortable space. This is particularly important when the garage is set into the body of the dwelling.

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Drives and electronics

Garage door operators are equipped with high-tech sensors that enable safe exit from the property or garage and parking.

Sensors for the presence of an object within range monitor the movement of the door and effectively nullify the risk of damage to the car body.

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The control for the gate can be configured with a smart building management system, making it easy to operate using, for example, a mobile app.

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